September 08, 2017

Time and effort has been invested into your timber decking, so it’s a given you’ll want it to be in its best condition – the maintenance is quite simple and fairly cost-effective.


In order for your timber decking to remain clean and bright, clean it twice a year (preferably spring, ready for summer and autumn, ready for winter) with decking cleaner to remove mould, moss, grease, algae and general dirt.

  • Remove any loose or large accumulations of moss and/or algae with a hard bristled broom and proceed to remove the loose debris from the decking.
  • Prepare the cleaner as advised by the instructions and apply using a brush, sprayer or watering can with a rose.
  • Immediately scrub the surface thoroughly with a stiff bristled broom to work the cleaner, allow to stand.
  • Rinse with a hose, using clean water, making sure any residue is eradicated.
  • Leave to dry for roughly two days prior to applying a protective coat.


If your decking seems a bit dull and grey, a decking restorer will help it return to its original colour.

Safety & tips: You will be using a pressure washer, ensure your eyes are protected with safety goggles; when using the restorer, work on small areas at a time, scrubbing and rinsing those areas within fifteen minutes.

  • Similar to cleaning, you will be using a hard bristled broom to remove any loose debris, however the pressure washer should be used to remove any moss, mould and algae.
  • Prior to putting the restorer down, make sure your decking is free of any former protector and stains.
  • Use a broom to apply the restorer and immediately work it into the surface of your decking with a scrubbing pad or stiff broom.
  • Finish by rinsing and allowing two days before applying a protective coat.


It’s vital to keep your timber decking protected and doing so once a year in order to keep it in its best condition.

Decking protector will absorb into the wood of your decking, water-proofing it and protecting it – there won’t be a change in colour either as the solution is translucent.

Decking stains come in a variety of colours; these weatherproof and protect your decking along with leaving behind a semi-opaque finish.

Decking oils will penetrate the wood of your decking, replacing its natural oils and protecting it; there will be a subtle colour left behind for the purpose of natural beauty enhancement.

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