Shiplap timber cladding is a smart choice for cladding material as it has an array of benefits.

The choice of timber being used as a cladding material is becoming increasingly popular, it is visually appealing, kind to the environment and incredibly durable when installed correctly.

The properties of timber cladding that make it such a popular choice can be found below:

It’s natural

What makes timber such an environmentally friendly material is the fact it is a natural material. The energy that is used up for the manufacture and production of concrete or metal cladding will be significantly more than that that is needed when producing timber cladding. Timber cladding is biodegradable and is a renewable resource, it is also available in a selection of colours.

It’s durable

Timber is an incredibly durable material, especially cedar, and can have a long life if installed correctly and treated frequently. It has been stated that wood is resistant to corrosion, frost, heat and pollution, and the only factor that does need to be controlled is moisture.

Timber is not heavy

Choosing timber is a great weight off your shoulders, literally. It is a lightweight material making transportation and handling a hassle-free process. Naturally, concrete cladding will be an issue to transport and handle, the cost to get this done professionally will rapidly increase.


As the structure of timber is cellular, it provides natural insulation. Heat will be retained during the cold of winter.

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