Roofing felt has been used for centuries, being designed as a means to temporarily waterproof a roof after the shingles had been removed.

Choosing the right roofing for your property is essential, as it can make a huge impact on the durability of your external materials.

It can provide essential protection for your roof, it can repel water, and it does typically have a fire rating to protect against an outbreak.

But why else is roofing felt important?

– Well, it temporarily dries in a roof
– It reduces the possibility of workers slipping, creating a safer work environment

– It acts as a moisture barrier between wood decking and shingles

Felt is a temporary dry-in product and has not been designed to resist continued water exposure which creates a much safer for workers to walk across reducing the chance of a slip.

Thicker felts are being chosen for the result of a steep pitch – the thicker felt essentially resists tearing, making conditions safer for the installers. Although, the thicket felt does not increase the resistance to water.

Roofing felt could be one of either tar paper or underlayment.

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