Timber cladding is a popular choice of material for roofing and siding as there are many advantages to timber cladding!


One of the advantages timber cladding offers is a natural insulation and the effects it gives would require larger amounts of insulation between walls from other materials like steel and aluminium.
Timber is a brilliant choice if home builders are looking to save some money.


Shiplap Timber is a lightweight material and because of its decrease in weight, it means that builders will be able to use those saved funds elsewhere.
It may be possible to build a higher-end building also.
Because of its lightweight nature, timber can also be used for roof covering, which would further reduce the weight of a home.

Environmentally friendly

As a construction option, timber is one of the most environmentally friendly.
The harvesting of timber doesn’t create as much carbon emission as other construction materials.
If the company who harvest the timber, harvest from forests specific to that purpose, carbon emissions related to the timber harvesting are in negative amounts.

Natural beauty

As one of the only siding materials that looks appealing in its natural state, the builder is given a material that can truly be molded into a piece of art.
Timber siding can also be cut into many designs offering an unlimited range of options for a builder.


As mentioned, timber can be cut into and designed to fit near enough any criteria.
Another thing is that is has a natural flex to it, allowing it that unique durability to withstand different situations which may not be the case with materials such as brick and concrete.
The works of art come in here as builders have the ability to create archways and windows that seem to blend together seamlessly with the rest of the construction.

Has this swayed your material options for a future build?

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