For many years now, timber has been used for building and decorating homes, as it is a sustainable building material and is environmentally friendly. It is also a natural insulator that is strong, easily repairable and is available in any size, colour and shape. But why is timber used for window frames?

Even though plastic and PVC-u windows become popular in the mid-1990s and early 2000, as they have the perception of being low maintenance and affordable. Regardless of this people still choose wood because of health and environmental issues. 

A recent report outlined the issues and benefits afforded by choosing timber windows and doors as long as they material is environmentally sourced: “The production and disposal of PVC-u windows leads to the release of highly poisonous chemicals which threaten health. PVC-u production involves no less than six of the fifteen most hazardous chemicals listed by European governments for priority elimination.
“Timber is a sustainable resource. As long as the timber is sourced from properly managed forests and care is taken in the choice of preservatives, paints and stains, timber windows are by far the best environmental choice.”
Which Timber should you choose for your frame?

Timber is available in hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is better as they are more resistant to rot but softwood can actually be harder than softwood.
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