If you love your garden, it’s highly likely that you have a shed, potentially several! It’s pretty common for your average shed to be used for storage space. However, over the years people have really started to try out new and innovative ways to use their shed space. Here are a few of our favourites.


Whether you are an artist, musician animator or filmmaker, having a creative space is important for your workflow. However, setting up a new space can be expensive. Renovating a shed can be a cost effective and straightforward way to do this.

Home Office

Do you run a business from your home? Or simple don’t have enough room for an office? You may want to invest in an exterior building for your home. A shed can be insulated and potentially be well suited for this.   

Summer house

If you find yourself regularly hosting barbeques or dinner parties in the summer, then you may want to think about a summer house for your guests to enjoy. Depending on the size and shape, summer houses can range from a small, sheltered seating area to a large guest house with all the trimmings!

Guest accommodation

It’s common to find yourself with more space in your garden than your home, so if you really want to utilise the space available to you, you could find yourself exploring extension options. Though it is not as common, the most cost effective way of adding a room to your house would be to create a guest room in your garden with an insulated shed.


Possibly the most common use of a shed other than general storage is to create a woodwork/tool workshop. Shed’s are perfect spaces to fill with tools and any productive projects you have in your life without having too much concern of the mess you could potentially make.


The term doesn’t necessarily only extend to men, we all need our own special place to escape to. If you want to create your own haven, with all the things you love in one space. A garden shed might be an avenue you haven’t explored.  

Hobby shed

Hobbies can be pretty messy, especially if you are a creative. Painting, model making, pottery and woodwork are all examples of activities that can’t really be done indoors and british weather can be very inconsistent. So why not store all your hobby materials in a shed and have a roof over your head while you work?

Games room

Whether you are a gambler, sports fan or just big kid. An external games room is becoming an increasingly common addition to british homes with the increasing popularity in video games and tabletop games. It’s also worth noting you can have a bar installed and get your friends over for some real fun!

Children’s play den

Kids are always asking for a treehouse or a den, if you want to give them an easy to install play area with plenty of room for their imaginations to grow, you can install sheds with smaller size variants and playhouse options.

Pet sheds

It is always best to first check with a specialist what’s best for your furry friends, however you may need a large kennel, or a place to keep your caged animals. A shed is perfect for this and is ready to be insulated. Don’t forget it is also great to store all your pet related products in.

The garden shed is a very versatile garden accessory, and can be used in many ways. Though we have only listed a few of the options available, we have shown that a shed really is more than just a storage space.

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