Log Store, Tanalised

Log Store, Tanalised
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Type: Tanalised

This log store is built using quality tanalised pressure treated 19mm timber cladding. This timber provides the extra longevity and build quality that sub-standard overlap cladding can't.
The framing of the log store is 36X40 mm pressure treated timber, which is far more sturdy and robust than most log stores. Each panel of the store is fully framed and the cladding is double nailed for extra rigidity. The rear and side panels have been designed with gaps in the slats to allow air to flow through and around your logs to aid the seasoning process.
The floor is held off the ground with solid 25mm pressure treated decking Boards, which provide a solid base and prevent your logs from soaking up lying water.
All our stores are simple to construct and come with all the fixtures and fittings required.
We can make the Log Store in any size
Please Note Logs & Kindling are not included