Siberian Larch LogLap, Untreated, 150mm x 25mm

Siberian Larch LogLap, Untreated, 150mm x 25mm
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About Our Cladding Our Siberian Larch is the cladding as been seasoned for 3 years and will not move or shrink. This cladding is the choice for many architects, contractors and self-builders, due to the fact that it is extremely versatile - being suitable for most external timber cladding applications - has excellent durability properties and displays attractive figuring. Appearance This Larch Cladding,is a reddish brown colour. When weathered the colour changes to a muted grey tone, which is desirable in many cladding projects. With clearly marked annual growth rings, straight grain and relatively few knots the overall look displays attractive figuring with a contemporary look Siberian Larch is imported to the UK in board form. Depending on which mill it came from it will have variety of surface finishes. For example circular sawn marks, twin arbour lines, paint marks, grease marks or compression marks from steel securing bands. To avoid an unsightly surface finish we re-saw and machine the face of each board to provide a clean, unblemished fine sawn finish. Specifications 150mm x 25mm (Before Machined) 145mm x 22mm (After Machined-Actual) Lengths Available are 2.4m 3.0m 3.6m & 4m Prices inc VAT-For Delivery Costs See delivery map below works out at just £2.99 per Meter Stability? The tightness of the growth rings and the high proportion of late wood enables a smoother machine finish and enhanced dimensional stability.. Summary? Clean and contemporary look Suitable for most types of cladding application Excellent density and durability Stringent in-house grading of every board Sustainable Each Board Individually Inspected 100% Customer Satisfaction Why York Timber Products? We are flexible, knowledgeable and professional. The expert advice given throughout your project is key in the project's overall success..