Shiplap Timber Products

Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding

Our shiplap timber cladding is used as an external material for both homes and garden buildings.

Ideal for distinctly shaped buildings, it creates a unique style to produce a remarkable look.

Timber Joists/Framing

Timber Joists

Our shiplap timber joists are popular with constructions and refurbishments;

the pressure treatment of our timber ensures prevention against fungal decay.

Felt Shingles

Felt Shingles

Our felt shingles are aesthetically superior to typical roof felt

as they are available in a variety of colours, as well as being easier to install.

Decking Kits

Decking Kits

Our shiplap timber decking kits are great if you enjoy DIY

and creating impressive outdoor spaces for your garden.


In addition to our tanalised timber cladding and shiplap products, we offer a range of timber supplies to equip our clients with all they need for their DIY projects.  

Our tanalised Timber Cladding range offers both shiplap and barrel boards, easily installable with Tongue & Groove joints.

Having the best quality panels for your outdoor building is essential, but we offer more supplies to complement your project offering the same quality in terms of appearance & durability; sourced from the same leading suppliers, and delivered with the same high level of customer service.

Our colourful range of Felt Shingles can add the perfect finish to the roof of your outdoor building; further protecting it from weathering. 

Our tanalised Timber Joists can be used for both DIY and construction projects and are available in a variety of sizes at a reasonable price.

The Decking Kits we offer are perfect for any DIY handyman, with all the supplies you need to create the perfect garden decking. Includes an extensive range of sizes, using high-pressure treated timber to protect against rot. 

We are committed to providing our clients with the best quality product suitable for their projects. Contact our experienced team of passionate manufacturers today for further information or customised requests.